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Numeris: Stuck In The Binary

A Wayves correspondent writes: "I just did a Numeris TV and Broadcast media survey by phone, but about 15 minutes in, I 'broke' their survey by saying there's 3 people in my house, 1 male and 1 female... and there was no option for anything else."

"It's absolutely unconscionably baffling that a survey/demographics company in 2023 is forcing a male female binary. I sent them feedback about their survey; here's their reply:"


Thank you for your inquiry about the Numeris Radio survey. At this time the questions that are asked regarding sex at birth and gender follow the same format and wording as those used by Statistics Canada in the census of the population. This wording was selected after extensive testing and consultations with the Canadian population.

Except, that's not true. Statistics Canada has accounted for nonbinary for a while now. Here's an announcement from 2021.

Wayves sent a note to Numeris tech support inquring about the binary and received an identical response, suggesting they've fielded this question before.

Come on, Numeris, join us in the 21st century.