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PEI's Drag Explosion

Treyla Parktrash

In a surprising twist for the province known for its bountiful potato fields, Prince Edward Island has become the unexpected epicentre of a vibrant drag scene. Over the past year, a ‘wayve’ of new drag queens has burst onto the scene, transforming the Island's cultural landscape.

While drag has a longstanding presence on PEI, with figures like the influential Amber Flames reigning supreme, a new generation of queens is now stealing the spotlight. Amber Flames, often gracing the stage with the Haus of Styles, pays homage to another trailblazer, Alexis Styles, one of PEI’s enduring queens with over two decades of captivating performances.

The catalyst for this surge in drag culture? Enter Treyla Parktrash, a Queen From Away (QFA) who originally made her mark as a Drag King in Alberta holding several International Drag Court titles. Relocating to PEI during the pandemic, Treyla noticed a lack of year-round drag opportunities outside of the annual Pride festivities. Undeterred, she seized the moment, donning her crown and founding Drag-X Entertainment.

The rise of Drag-X Entertainment marked a turning point for the local drag community, proving that there is a substantial audience for drag in PEI. Under Treyla's leadership, the production company not only facilitated exceptional shows that brought in Drag Royalty from Canada’s Drag Race, but also extended opportunities to both novice and seasoned local drag queens. The productions were collaborations with local non-profits, aiding in the distribution of crucial resources within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Enter Treyla Parktrash, a Queen From Away (QFA)

The revolutionary impact of Drag-X Entertainment created a pathway for emerging drag queens to step into the limelight, forming their own houses and actively generating performance opportunities. No longer content to wait for chances to come their way, these new queens have carved out their space on the Island's stages, bringing a fresh and dynamic energy to PEI's drag scene.

In essence, Drag-X Entertainment has become the driving force behind the surge in drag shows and the proliferation of queens on PEI. Without this groundbreaking initiative, the Island's drag landscape would undoubtedly lack the diversity and vibrancy that now defines its burgeoning drag community. As these queens continue to captivate audiences and challenge norms, PEI's drag explosion shows no signs of slowing down. Get ready to sashay and slay as the Island's drag scene takes center stage!
Scott Alan

Upcoming Drag & Burlesque Shows in PEI: 

  • February 10th/2024 - PEERS Alliance & Charlottetown Burlesque @ The Guild - 8pm & 11pm
  • February 13th/2024 - Fox & Crow @ UPEI for Love and Sex Week - 8pm
  • February 16th/2024 - PEERS Alliance & Charlottetown Burlesque @ The Guild - 8pm & 11pm
  • February 16th/2024 - Beaconsfield Concert Series featuring BILF & Lottie Max - 6pm
  • March 17th/2024 - Drag-X Entertainment Drag Brunch @ Ponyboat - 11am
  • April 19th/2024 - Drag-X Entertainment Drag Brunch @ Ponyboat - 11am