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Poetry Workshop

"What if I’m not a real writer? What if I don’t have anything to say? What if no one cares?" these and other monsters will be subdued at a workshop entitled, "The Monsters we Make our Friends: How Poetry Can Bring You Back to Yourself" on October 22nd in Halifax.

Queer poet Karlee Campbell will be leading this discussion-based and interactive workshop, for anyone who is looking for a safe space to explore and express themselves. "No prior poetry or writing experience is required to participate," says Campbell, "this workshop is designed to help you get started in a medium that you aren’t familiar with, or to build upon what you already know."

Participants will ask the hard questions, find a place to start, and get through the dark, mucky beginnings with a like-minded community. "I'll share a few tips and a whole lot of laughs," says Campbell.

"You will unlock the stories that live inside all of us, and support each other in taking the next step to putting that out into the world. The overall theme of this workshop is how to access what is inside you, find your voice, and learn a medium to express it. This workshop has something for everyone."

All supplies will be provided.

Tickets are $55. Registration required, here. The workshop will be held at the Halifax Discovery Center, 1215 Lower Water Street in Program Room B. Register here.