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Queer and Trans Therapists of Nova Scotia

Left to right: Robyn Bolivar, Kay Vinova, Meaghan Hymers, and Cailin Crosby

Queer and Trans Therapists of Nova Scotia (QTTNS) is a collective of 2SLGBTQIA+ identified licensed therapists, psychologists and social workers who mainly serve 2SLGBTQIA+ clients. 

Cailin Crosby, a registered counselling therapist practicing in Halifax, helped to establish the group in early 2022. “While in Toronto I was part of ‘Toronto’s Queer and Trans Therapists’ (TQTT) listserv. “After moving back to Halifax and re-starting my private practice I felt the absence of the TQTT community right away. I was receiving inquiries from clients seeking services from queer and trans identified providers, or requesting referrals for therapists with specialties relating to topics of gender, sexuality, and sexual identity. I wanted to be able to point clients in the right direction” Crosby explained.

“I reached out to clinical psychologist and sex therapist Kay Vinova and registered counselling therapist Erica Baker-Gagnon, owner of Diverse Roots Therapy, with the idea of creating a similar group here in Nova Scotia and the three of us became the group’s initial organizing members. With Kay’s enthusiasm and vision, the ideals and objectives of our group began to take shape. Erica’s dedication to this community and background experience working with the Pride Network of Montreal helped give us structure and a path to move forward with our vision”

Being queer informs how we practice and how we understand our clients’ hopes and concerns

The QTTNS has since grown to nearly 80 members across the province. “As therapists, the QTTNS offers us a space to connect, build community, and support one another professionally, which is as meaningful for us as it is beneficial for our clients. Being queer informs how we practice and how we understand our clients’ hopes and concerns. As a result, the ability to meet and consult with one another has been profound”, Crosby explains.

Providing visibility for members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community seeking trans and queer-identified service providers for therapy is another objective of the QTTNS. 

With this goal in mind, the QTTNS Provider Directory was created, the first version being released in May 2023 (link below.) 

“The directory provides information on therapists’ designation, their specialties, location, and whether they offer virtual or in-person services. We intend to release an updated version of the directory each year”, Crosby said.

The directory contains: 

  • Guiding Frameworks of QTTNS
  • The directory of clinicians itself
  • The licensing & credentials guide
  • A glossary of terms used in therapy
  • How to join QTTNS

Here's the link to the clinician directory (pdf, 30 pages.)

Contact us

If you are a community member seeking therapy, or an organization interested in learning more about our group, connect with us at:

Are you are a therapist looking to join our network?

  1. Are you a licensed social worker with NSCSW, a licensed psychologist with NSBEP, a licensed counselling therapist with NSCCT, or a student in an accredited social work, psychology or counselling program?
  2. Do you identify as queer and/or trans?
  3. Are you currently licensed to provide social work, psychology, or counselling services in Nova Scotia?

If the questions are true for you, please contact us at