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Queer Jewish Workshop on Friday

2022-02-27 • Halifax / K’jipuktuk • Wayves Staff

On Friday, March 4th, Halifax will see its first all-queer Jewish event.

In a workshop entitled, A Queer Welcoming of Shabbat & Adar II, Sof Kreidstein will explore creating rituals, modifying or reframing those we’ve carried through teachings and/or familial traditions, and considering what makes them personally meaningful to us, can be a radical and healing process.

The workshop is about queer Jewish ritual. It is open only to Jewish participants and will be centred around queer and trans identity and ideas, and also the voices of community members. We will contemplate, discuss, expand, and create these rituals (and some objects and other tools that can be used for them).

This workshop is also a celebration for Erev Shabbat and the Rosh Chodesh of Adar II. On this sacred twilight, we can honour the thresholds we’ve crossed, transitions we’ve made, and intersections we embody. This is a ceremony for connection above all.

Participants are welcome of all Jewish identities, denominations, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), experience, and relationships with culture and tradition.

Use this link to register and get the location. Send any questions to