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Halifax's Rumours Cabaret: On Hold

Update: April 16, Gerald wrote on social media: "Rumours will be taking possession of a location for May 1st unfortunately it will take us time to paint and get ready to hire staff. As we progress we will update a date for our soft opening."


From: Gerald & José

With a heavy heart, we have to put Rumours on hold. This comes after serious discussion with José. We had to walk away from the deal.

We are very sad about this and for all the support that the community has shown for this. We know that it is the right thing, and we know the Halifax area needs this safe space, but right now this deal is not right for us and the community.

Special thanks to Daniel Mackay for helping us.

We are very sorry about this and hope to find another location.

Gerald & José

Gerald followed up with: Just so everyone knows: this was the wrong venue for us and the community. This was a very serious investment and we simply did not want to make the wrong choice. When we went in and found out that the seller did not own anything inside; it belonged to another company so the valuation was way off. Our lawyer doing this due diligence realized this. We are still on the hunt for the right spot.

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