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Halifax United Church Q Weekend

PIE = Public, Intentional, Explicit2022-03-04 • Halifax • Wayves Staff

"PIE Day" is the United Church's celebration of the Q community. This year, Halifax's St John's United Church has scheduled five days, March 10th - 14th, of cultural exchange, sharing and fun. The weekday events are at 7:00pm, the Sunday event is at their usual worship time, 10:30pm. You must register in advance; the link is below.

The term "PIE" stands for several things: firstly, Public. Intentional. Explicit, meaning how the church cherishes their Q members. And, because the 14th of March form the digits 3.14, the first few of the special number that all things round (including an apple pie) are calculated from. And, the event is celebrated with that dessert.

St. John’s first hosted PIE Day in 2020 and then we launched their GSA, the "Gender & Sexuality Alliance." "This year, we decided that PIE was too good to be only one day so we've made it a whole weekend!" says Lance Lockwood, St John's United Church member and one of the organizers. As part of the fourth annual PIE Day hosted by Affirm United and Affirming Connections, the church is recognizing fifteen years since our historic vote to become an intentionally safe and welcoming 2SLGBTQIA+ space. And we’re gearing up to celebrate Publicly, Intentionally, and Explicitly and to recommit to the expression of our Affirming status.

This spring St. John’s United is moving to a new location in Halifax, and we want there to be no mistaking it: no matter where we are, this is a place for 2SLGBTQIA+ people. Stay tuned for our move announcement and open house details to come!

Here is this year's PIE Weekend schedule:

  • Thursday, March 10, 7:00pm, via Zoom: Talk & Discussion: The History of the Rainbow Movement in Nova Scotia, as told through the history of spiritual paths, by Daniel MacKay
  • Friday, March 11, 7:00pm, via Zoom: Movie Night! Movie TBA, perhaps Fair Haven, Transamerica, or Uncle Frank.
  • Saturday, March 12, 7:00pm, via Zoom: Music & Poetry Night! A collage of rainbow songs, poetry and art, featuring work from: Paul Healy, Pat Brennan-Alpert, Nolan Natasha, & Kanaan McCabe.
  • Sunday, March 13 10:30am, via Zoom: Guest speakers for worship are Sean Foreman and Andre Bernard, who will remind us of the journey St. John’s took 15 years ago in their decision to become Affirming. PIE stands for Public, Intentional & Explicit. That’s what we will be in our worship at 10:30 featuring guest speakers and more.
  • Monday, March 14, 7:00pm: Guest speaker: the Rt. Rev. Gary Paterson, former Moderator of the United church, who started PIE
  • Monday, March 14: PIE on Pi Auction! After a weekend full of PIE, you know you need a piece to get you through the week! We’re auctioning off our pies to raise money for guest speakers, events and education through our GSA. Help us make St. John’s even more Public Intention & Explicit!

To register and get event links to events as they're created, visit this link.