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The Turret Reno Progress

Turret DJ Booth
Photo: I'thandi Munro

Bam! We’re breaking ground on hazmat abatement at the Turret. Our landmark building needs critical early hazmat abatement work prior to the full renovation. We’ve spent months planning a careful, phased approach to renovations to ensure this historic gem gets the TLC it needs! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do we mean by hazmat abatement? 
Assessments commissioned by the HRM (2014) and Turret Arts Space (2022) reported that 1588 Barrington Street contains both leachable lead paint and asbestos. The abatement process will safely remove these hazardous materials (hazmat for short). 

Who will perform hazmat abatement services?  
Volcano Construction Services Ltd is the contractor and ALL-TECH Environmental Services Ltd is the third-party verifier.

When is hazmat abatement scheduled? 
Hazmat abatement is scheduled to start the week of September 25, 2023 and run for eight to nine weeks, concluding by approximately the week of November 20, 2023. 

Will there be interruptions to traffic on Barrington? 
Sidewalk and road interruptions on Barrington Street will be minimal. Loadout of hazardous materials will happen overnight. There will be no dumpster permanently left on site.

Why can’t hazardous materials be “trapped in” instead of removed? 
The last thing we want is ANY remaining hazardous materials in the building that may cause harm to Turret patrons and artists. We have an opportunity to deliver a safe building for future generations by removing all hazardous materials now. And we know artists! We need to be able to drill into walls anywhere throughout the building in order to install art. Our renovation design for the building is accessibility focused and function-forward. 

Will interior heritage elements be saved? 
The Turret commissioned a heritage elements survey to determine which of the historic elements could be retained in situ or salvaged for reuse in the new design. Some heritage elements cannot be saved because they are made of, or are in direct proximity to, hazardous materials such as asbestos or leachable lead paint. In cases where either the hazmat testing or abatement process would destroy a heritage element, there is no way to safely save it. However, many favorite heritage elements have been carefully documented as design inspiration within the final architectural designs.

Did you document the interior? 
Heck yes! Beautiful and extensive documentation was done by photographer I’thandi Munro.

Will the building be re-open to the public after this abatement phase?  
No, the building will still remain closed to the public until after our full renovation. After this early hazmat abatement phase, the building will be safe to enter but access will be limited to Turret team members and prospective capital campaign donors.

For much more information, see The Turret Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia article.