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Wayves Notification Consolidation

About this: see last paragraph

Cherished Wayves Reader:

Over the next few weeks, I'll be consolidating the Wayves "notification" system - that is, how you find out that a new Wayves article has been published.  There are several reasons.

Currently we're posting a notice to about fifteen facebook groups for every article, and not only can this come across as a bit spammy, but also there's a chance that due to Meta's response to the Canada Online News Act, Wayves links will stop working. Also, it's a bit of work.

So, the bad news is: at some point, you'll be seeing way fewer notifications of new articles here, in whichever FB group you saw this link.

The good news: you can be notified reliably of new Wayves articles in other ways: 

Wayves (and its previous name, the GAEZETTE) has been the voice of the Atlantic Canadian Q community for 45 years. We've published 2.5 million local, queer words on paper, and another quarter million on line.

About the image here

In the early days of Wayves -- well, when it was still the GAEZETTE -- each regular column, in this case the editorial, had an icon. They were all obtained from very old, noncopyrighted woodcuts. This is the corner of the editorial page from April, 1988 which was written by Barend Kamperman. 

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