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Vandalized flag: mended

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On April 5th, Susanne Litke was working from home when she heard a knock on her door to find the Pride flag she had hanging on her front porch in shreds.


New Brunswick: Rally in support of Policy 713 / Rassemblement en faveur de la politique 713

le français suit: Saturday May 13th, 2SLGBTQ+ community allies, activists, and organizations gather to show their support for Policy 713: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and the essential work of Pride in Education.

Samedi 13 mai, il y aura un rassemblement à Fredericton pour manifester votre appui à la Politique 713 : Orientation sexuelle et identité de genre et au travail essentiel de Fierté en éducation.


Singing Queer History: the story of Silent No More

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This is the story “Silent No More”, a song that sings through the darkness with a message of hope and a protest against injustice. The song will be performed at the upcoming Unison choirs festival with a new arrangement by Rick Gunn for over 100 voices.


Unison Choral Festival Needs Volunteers

Halifax Unison Choral Festival needs volunteers! The festival is welcoming six hundred delegates from across Canada, and they need a large team of volunteers to make the event a success.