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PEI MP Sean Casey (Lib.) Speaks in Support of Trans Rights Bill

"The march to full equality is never easy. There will always be voices opposed to progress and to full equality. Those voices of intolerance are now on the fringe of society, where they belong. One need only reflect on a time when women were not allowed to vote and treated like second-class citizens, if even citizens at all, or we think of the great injustice inflicted on black people who struggled and, arguably, still struggle for the justice and equal treatment they deserve by virtue of their inherent dignity, or we think of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and how they were treated, so marginalized and shunned. Many of those who oppose same-sex marriage are the same people who now oppose this bill."


NSRAP Trans Rights: Your input wanted

NSRAP is going to lobby the government to change the physicians manual. The physicians manual is the first barrier we have to get through in order to access publicly funded health care.