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South Shore Rainbow Families

South Shore Rainbow Families is a group created by and for LGBTQ families (this is inclusive of LGBTQ parents and their children, as well as LGBTQ children and their parents), allies, prospective parents, and all other supporters, regardless of family size, ethnicity, culture, faith, or income level.


Queer History: The Politicos Of It All

GAE/Gala (The Gay Alliance for Equality/Gay and Lesbian Association) was an organization that was bound to be its own destruction. There were too many minds that were bent on their own ways.


Dalhousie Allies Video

A new video has been produced on the Allies at Dalhousie and is now available online. The production was designed and produced by George Woodhouse and Dillon Garland. A team of others was critical in the planning of this project, including Sarah-Jo Briand, Laura MacIntosh, Natalie Stocker, Gaye Wishart, and others.